Cloud · Enterprise Architecture

$10 Billion Business

The Cloud market continues to rise.  Amazon Web Services is on track to become a US$10 billion business before the end of this year, according to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

By way of comparison, in April 2015, Deutsche Bank estimates AWS revenues were approximately $6B, nearly ten times the size of Microsoft Azure today.

Bezos told shareholders this week the cloud business would hit the milestone at a speed faster than Amazon cracked US$100 billion in sales, which occurred earlier this year.  The cloud unit has one million individual users at last count, Bezos said.

In June 2015 Forbes predicted  by 2020, 62% of organizations say they will be running 100% of their information technology in the cloud. But younger start-up companies are already close to that point.

So the Cloud business is now a very big business.

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