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Space Welding

Thanks to the Space Welder for having me on.  10869783_1448670145449033_8337870136405347407_o

These are the links from the show notes

Pasta Penne all’arrabbiata and Jeff Vader- Eddie Izzard  (NSFW)

Overused words Mission Statement- Weird Al


What is a Wicked Problem

Why do project fail- Darryl Carlton

Moltke’s Principle, “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” – Moltke


“Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Indispensable” – Eisenhower


What is PERT

PERT  (Optimistic + 4x Typical + Pessimistic)/6 = My Estimate  standard deviation of time : the variability of the time for accomplishing an activity

Enrico Fermi estimation

Brier score

Gall’s Law 


20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions


The Help Files

My take on a PERT chart  Storm Trooper Tracker

My Tips

  • Try to do it in writing: Making decisions in face-to-face meetings may not work well for all participants (especially with non-native speakers). When you can write out the reasons why you think Task A will take X days and Task B will take Y days, you get the opportunity to think about things more thoroughly.
  • Always document your concerns: If your PM gives you an impossible deadline, always send a politely worded e-mail to the PM saying that you’ll do your best, but you are not entirely sure that you can finish in the time allotted. This may seem like just protecting yourself (which it might do), but it is part of the history of the project and it needs to be documented at some point. Lessons Learned / Project Reviews can actually help other people in the future.
  • Use a formal methodology: If you can explain your estimate with some methodology, your recommendation might contain more weight. I find that the “if everything goes well = X weeks but if things go wrong = X+10 weeks but X+3 weeks seems reasonable” is a great place to start. Many PERT books use that as a basis of a formula (Optimistic + 4x Typical + Pessimistic)/6 = My Estimate. It wouldn’t hurt to try it a couple of times and see if it gets more traction.
  • Uses the risk registers
  • Keep your calm; ten breaths do work
  • At the beginning establish how you are going work
  • Establish what the MVP or minimal shippable product looks like
  • Build a prototype, is give the sales people something to work with
  • Work out your persona and build to that person.
  • Start simple, use defined APIs
  • Wireframe the workflow and the Application
  • Establish who’s doing to what when

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