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and I’m back again


and I’m back again; I’m back to updating my blog with current projects and ideas.

I’ve hadn’t stopped tinkering, the tinker “toy” of choice is now the Raspberry Pi.  The next series of posts will be about small “getting started” projects based on the Raspberry Pi.

Some updates.

I called it on Rent-not-Buy.  Demand Cloud services in Australia has gone through the roof.

The ‘State of Cloud Computing in Australia Report 2014′ found that the Australian cloud computing market in 2013 was generating revenues of $1.23 billion. This includes software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).
The report is based on a study of 603 decision-makers on IT services and infrastructure or data centre spending whose organisations are using some form of cloud-based solutions.
The report predicts continued growth through 2014 as the market has emerged from the early adopter stage to an early growth stage of adoption by the wider market.

There are still some hesitations, but these will soon be abated.

Cloud computing adoption hesitations
The Frost & Sullivan report found 38% of organisations are more concerned about IT security since adopting cloud computing.
Security concerns were the main challenge stopping many companies from moving to cloud services, and they are also worried about:

Relinquishing control over key business processes and data,

risks around disaster recovery, and

the reliability of back-up services.


The winner is …

The winner by a long way is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Still ranked highest in both ability to execute and completeness of vision, the AWS cloud juggernaut rolls on. Gartner noted that AWS had ten times more compute capacity being used by customers than all other 14 providers in the Magic Quadrant combined.
AWS, serving an “innovative, agile and responsive market”, also remains the industry’s pre-eminent thought leader, according to Gartner. Its diverse customer base supports “the broadest range of use cases, including enterprise and mission-critical applications”.


Coming in second is Microsoft Azure Cloud offering

Microsoft’s Azure public cloud has been growing faster than any other IaaS offering on the market. Microsoft has now solidly entrenched itself as the runner-up in market share behind Amazon Web Services.
Not counting AWS, Microsoft has more than twice the IaaS compute capacity used by customers than the 13 other providers in the Magic Quadrant.
Azure went live in Australia out of data centres in Sydney and Melbourne in October 2014.

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